GOALS: The Helpful Tool to Achieving with Ease

By Mary Jane Walsh


For as long as I can remember, I have been motivated by goal-setting.


But… the most important aspect of the goal process is achieving the feeling of success early on.


This is the aspect that many of my clients miss, especially the ones who have really sticky, tough goals that they’ve been beating their heads against the wall for years to achieve.


The two biggies in the goals department are weight and money, with a close second being relationships.


Unfortunately, these goals do more to make peoeple feel like failures than successes. I’ve worked with great people who feel completely frustrated because they’ve tried every weight loss plan, diet pill, exercise regimen, self-punishment, and they cannot reach their goal.


But the secret sauce really isn’t achieving the goal. It is achieving the feeling of success. And THAT IS EASY TO ACHIEVE… RIGHT NOW!!!


Almost always, I work with clients whose “success guage” is out of whack. As soon as they can start to see themselves as a success, the scale {literally} starts to tip in a more favorable direction.


It takes a little creativity, but what we do is start to set very small goals. (Think one big goal like ten pounds and break it down into 20 or 25 turtle-step goals.) Pre-paved rewards are also extremely important.


We set all goals ahead time. Then, we set all the prizes ahead of time.


With each goal reached comes a prize.


This is very important, because the simple act of acknowledging a success and giving yourself a reward fortifies the feeling of success.


I have a client who had a baby recently and gained thirty-six pounds.Even though she was very active, doing yoga classes and taking spinning classes whenever she had a sitter, her goal was to reach her pre-baby weight, and nothing less would do. 


This meant that all the steps between would feel “not good enough”, and she would only truly feel rewarded once the one goal was achieved. She felf unsuccessful, depressed, frustrated with herself and stressed from the pressure.


We created the goals and prizes together, and very soon she gained a feeling of success again. She started to acknowledge her own own commitment and hard work. Exercise became fun. She gained momentum and maintained a feeling of success outside of the numbers on the scale.


And just like her, sometimes all we need is to begin to FEEL the sucess that we crave in order to get the ball rolling!


Have a great week!






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