By Mary Jane Walsh

Hi everyone! Good morning! My heart goes out to my friends in New Orleans East, who got hit by the tornado yesterday. I’m sending y’all love!


I’ve been thinking of a BIG change I’ve made since I came back from Thailand/Vietnam three and a half weeks ago.


In Vietnam, the living spaces were small, but people honored their space. There wasn’t a lot of clutter. There were whole open areas for sitting, relaxing, and talking. Every home also had an alter.


I started to envision creating more space in my home back in New Orleans. I wasn’t even aware that I was thinking this. When I returned to New Orleans, I had a sudden NEED to rearrange everything.  Soon, excess STUFF was piled in the middle of the living room to give away. 


I dropped off a car-full of things to Bridge House. (Bridge House is the BEST place for donations. They take EVERYTHING, including food, cosmetics, shoes. Plus, the people are extremely helpful!)


Today, I started my morning as usual: journaling, 15 minutes meditation, reading, coffee, breakfast.


This is my NEW usual. My space is clear; hence, I FEEL CLEAR.


Every vacation has given me different perspectives. I have grown to love these little shifts.


Happy Wednesday everyone!


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