Have You Vision Boarded?… Well, Join Me!

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Have You Vision Boarded?… Well, Join Me!


By Mary Jane Walsh


Oh man! I was introduced to this beautiful, exciting, life-mapping technique a few years ago, and boy has it brought coincidence, intention and excitement into my life.


One of the most fun aspects of the the vision-boarding experience is connecting with the "want" or desire through visual triggers by using magazines. This is ALWAYS fun for me, because I used to not be a magazine girl. Well, let me clarify. When I would get my nails done, I would become like a deprived T.V. kid. I would read 10 magazines easy. Or, at the airport, you might find me in Hudson news for 30 minutes scouring.


I used to not buy magazines, because I felt guilty about both the time drain and the expense, at  $5 or $6 each. I have since embraced this guilty pleasure, and magazines are now perfect for my vision-board practice.


Magazines are not necessary for creating visions boards. I’ve known a few people who have done virtual vision boards using Pinterest, and they have been beautiful. But, for me, there’s something so important about getting on the floor, flipping through pages, ripping out my favorite images, and all the while, letting my logical brain turn-off and my subconscious mind explore.


Recently, I participated in a vision boarding event, and I arrived with a purpose and goal. During the hour, I was going to pick out the exact look of my new coaching office. From the stack, I pulled out the Architectural Digests, Martha and O Magazines knowing there would be great pics for this inspiration.


But, brain turned off and subconscious mind in charge, my fingers went for glitzy dresses, white peonies, green verdant archways, a large bed with a bamboo headboard, a paradise blue lagoon, girlfriends wearing colorful shades and bright hairwraps, and bright blue lace. 


What was I doing? My subconscious was going with the most important business- what I was going to wear to an exciting upcoming party, how I wanted to change my home to invite more of the “outside” in, incorporate more green into my life, spend more time with my best girlfriends who can be profane and wild and live full-heartedly, and really honor the importance of fun and levity in all of my relationships.


These things were important! And they were more dire and more fulfilling than the next “to do” on the list in my head.


Vision boarding is exciting and fun! I am putting together a vision-boarding workshop with yes, magazines galore, treats, inspiring music, and girl-bonding.


Stay tuned…


Better yet, message me if you’re interested, and I’ll add you to the list! It will be in November.


PS: MY BEST VISION BOARD STORY: Last December, I created a vision board, but it just didn’t feel right- except for one picture of two palm fronds touching in front of a perfect beach. It represented the dream vacation I’ve wanted to take forever. Later that December, I received the most unbelievable gift- a bag with the EXACT picture on it, and it was painted by Thai children. My heart was crazy happy and my brain was spinning. And of course, if you’ve read previous posts, you know it’s official. I am taking my dream vacation to Thailand this December…. 






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