Hell Yessss to Miracles!… Plus, $20

Hell Yessss to Miracles!… Plus, $20


By Mary Jane Walsh



I sometimes get annoyed by the airy-fairy talk of miracles, but in truth, I myself am a miracle finder—or at least, they find me.


A few days after my last post (…And here is my disclaimer for my posting absence: I got hit hard by grief, I needed to regroup), I headed downtown on a sunny Wednesday morning to the Vital Records office to get a copy of my birth certificate, which I needed in order to get my Passport.


It was 7:30 AM. I arrived with a hot cup of coffee in my Colorado horses mug- the kind of souvenir you buy on a whim, because, um, Colorado makes you stupid for horses.


Just as I passed through the doors, a cop walked up and told me I couldn’t bring in any liquids, including my hot, much-needed coffee into the office.  


My eyes weren’t completely open yet, and without comprehending or even thinking about what I was saying, I asked, “Just a shot in the dark, but did you ever work at the DMV? And a long time ago, did you ever by chance give someone $20?” I felt weird.


His eyes welled up.


Immediately, I was transported to 2009 to the Kenner DMV at 4:59 just before closing. I didn’t really carry cash, because oy, I wasn’t really prepared for much back then. And when my number was finally called, the clerk pointed to the signs that said “Cash Only.”


I was beyond frustrated. I asked the cop standing at the door if he knew of a nearby ATM. But, the doors were shut for the day. If I left, I wouldn’t be let back in, and I had already been driving for 3 days without a license.


And, just like that, he reached into his pocket and gave me a twenty dollar bill.


At the time, I was always late. I never had enough money. I was working at Starbucks. I could barely make my rent. My boyfriend was completely unavailable, and our relationship was one chaotic episode after another.  At the time, I could barely take care of myself.


I was shocked that it was him. I told him how grateful I was, and how I was really a mess back then. I, of course, opened my wallet and gave him the money back. He said, “ No one ever repays me.” Apparently, this saint does these random acts of  kindness frequently. (I’m now thinking of making a random acts of kindness goal for myself.)


It was a miracle to see him and a miracle to reflect on the awesome growth I’ve experienced since 2009.


Truth is, I needed my birth certificate to get my passport for my dream vacation that I’m taking with my boyfriend to Thailand in December. OMG! I’ve been visioning this trip for… umm… 3 years. I never thought it would be possible, and oh, it’s happening!


But, this experience was a MIRACLE. It was humbling to be so closely reminded of where I was. I easily could have missed that voice through my half-opened eyelids and uncaffeinatd brain.


Some people keep journals to get transported to remember the big life shifts. This kind of self-awareness and self-tracking is so important to me.


It’s the “This is where I was – This is what I did – This is where I am” trajectory that is so important.


From this place, we can share our paths with others.


The best part of my morning was when I was about to leave. I waved good-bye, happily on my way with my birth certificate, and he stopped me.


“Don’t forget your mug! And I wrote you a letter.”




I thanked him, and in the elevator read the letter:


I will give our money to the next person who needs it, because it makes us feel so good!





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