How the H*LL Do I Find My Purpose??? HELPPP!!! Part 1

By Mary Jane Walsh


Oh boy I used to struggle with this question… all the time. And like many people, I was mistakenly looking outside of myself for answers.


What was I supposed to do? What was my purpose?


I looked through ads on Craigslist. I heard about jobs, and thought, “Oh I could do that… that might be fun! I’d be good at that.”


Or, I would think up the top 10 jobs that sounded interesting and compelling to me and back trace the steps to see how I might go about doing that.


Organically, and through listening to my inner calling, I moved towards life coaching, but looking back, my process could have been easier, less shame-filled, more enjoyable, and with a level of calm and flow and inner knowing that would have pulled me right along.


Here is the very first key.


When I’m working with someone who is struggling with the shame of not having an answer to this question, I am usually sitting across from someone who is stressed, fed-up with themselves, and annoyed that somehow they are thirty and not measuring up to the arbitrary watermark of success. They don’t have a “title” like doctor, lawyer, engineer, musician, shop owner or some letters to put after their name.


This kind of stress is allayed with a little humor. Always humor first. With humor, there is ease. Calm. Openness.


We start from exactly where she/he is right now.


We put the “labels” and pressures aside. There isn’t room for those right now.


We practice listening within.We learn to “go warmer”…. And by this, I mean, we are connecting with the intuition again.


What feels right. What feels good. The focus is to listen in to that internal voice that says, “Go here.”


I love a quote from one of my favorite coaches, Jack Canfield, who says, “You can drive at night from California to New York, just by seeing as far as your headlights will show you.”


And that’s right. You just have to feel yourself to the next step. The road will open up as you go.


And your internal instinct will let you know (every time) if you’re going warmer or colder. If you go colder, just like a “Rerouting” sign from your Garmin, you’ll get another path that feels warmer.


Keep listening inward. Your internal instinct is right every time. And the best part, the journey gets to be wild, hilarious, joy-filled, adventuresome, easeful, and delicious.  



…Stay tuned for Part 2!






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