“It Can Wait ‘Til Tomorrow”… Don’t Put YOU Off!

By Mary Jane Walsh

We all know this type of person, but unfortunately this “type” is more common than you might think.


Case in point: I was this type of person. For a long time.


The “I can’t do THAT today, but I’ll do that one day” type person. I meet a lot of people through events, parties, dance classes (my new favorite exercise), clients, traveling, and I’m always fascinated with what people choose to do for a living.


Perhaps this is my life coach brain at work, as I am intrigued by people’s gifts and how they use their interests to make a living and support themselves.


Unfortunately, too often than not I hear from people who don’t like their jobs or career. Many people open up and ask for a little advice once they know I do life coaching.


When I ask these same people to start talking about their passions and what they really LOVE to do, it’s like Whoa!… There is so much inside, bottled up ready to explode. It’s like they can’t stop talking about what they love. And I think, “There’s your advice… RIGHT THERE!”


Here’s how I know when I’m on my right path: I LOVE the thing that I’m doing. I get ideas and inspiration at weird moments, like in my sleep through dreams, in the shower or on a run. “Coincidences” seem to happen left and right. And most importantly, I usually feel really good too.


Here’s how I know when something isn’t right. I feel like I’m just trying to pass the time. I feel like I can’t really be my whole self. I feel stifled, suffocated, small, or like I don’t matter. I feel bored, stubborn, uninspired, etc.


It can be scary to chance moving out of a career or job that is “certain” and offers security (but drains the life right from your bones), and decide to go for something that is fun, exciting, pays less but is invigorating and life-affirming and dreamy and creative, and thrilling.


I think of Brené Brown and her beautiful work on Vulnerability + Creativity + Courage. It takes courage to follow the little light inside that says, “Go here. Follow this.”


I just love how Martha Beck talks about listening to the Body Compass, the gauge within that points us forever towards our true destiny. If a person has been disregarding their intuition for years, chances are that compass is out of whack. It might be difficult to hear and listen to that quiet inner wisdom that leads toward the  most fulfilling path. All it requires is learning to listen within. That’s it!


This is where life coaching can be a huge gem. A coach can help you steer back to your most wild, fulfilled self, where your career, relationship, love, geography, philosophy, diet, friends, wardrobe all match your inner authentic self.


This is absolutely golden. If not a coach, then a course, a mentor, or a hundred inspiring Youtube videos— whatever you need to get back your happy. What I absolutely know is you don’t have to put yourself off to tomorrow.  You can start today. You deserve it!




Here’s a little breath-taking snap shot of my hike this weekend to Craggy Pinacle in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville.





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