Less Doing; More Being and Allowing in More Creativity


By Mary Jane Walsh

“the self expands through acts of self forgetfulness.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


My trip to Thailand / Vietnam was breath-taking, life-changing, wild and beautiful. There are pictures soon to come…


On the trip, I thought about the New Year and the resolutions that we make. On New Year’s eve, we celebrated with sparklers, confetti rockets and toasts and then crossed the bridge in Hoi An, where I placed a candle-lit paper lotus flower in the river sending it off with a few intentions.


A week later, in the mountains of Chiang Mai, my boyfriend and I decided to reflect on 2016 and write our goals for 2017.


There was so much to see and limited time for reflection (and a super fabulous gift shop), and so I decided to finish when I got home.


Last year, I kept my NY resolution with just a few slips. I have a pretty gnarly love of sugar, and I resolved in 2016 to give up sweetener in my coffee. The first two weeks were hell, and then the cravings went away.


This year my resolution is less quantifiable, and rings more like a mantra than a goal.


My resolution is to be in my place of creativity more often.


Action driven goals require different energy than creating. Creativity is not product-based, goal-minded, rushed or filled with expectations.


Creativity is about allowing rather than forcing or pushing. Creativity is expansive, messy, fierce, joy-filled, wondrous, magical, quiet.


It can speak in a whisper through the intuition.


It is hampered by perfectionism.


The work is not in the doing, but in the allowing of creativity to flow.


And how does one allow in more creativity?


I imagine this looks like coffee and reflection and meditation in the mornings; lazy weekend afternoons in bed with books and journal; more time that is blocked as free time; day trips to close beaches or weekend trips to further spots; cooking at home with lots of spice and color; friends over for dinner; new friends; more time with animals; more relaxation; laughter; adventure; calm; more openness; more wonder; more unknowns.


This kind of resolving is exciting to me. It’s left open.


Happy week and happy New Year!